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Podcast Episode 3: Lenten Reflection

Happy Easter, Friends! Today's episode is a little bit reflection and a lot a bit my view on Lent and what it means to me. It's reflection upon what I consider the worst week of my life!  Ha!  It was so bad, check out this funny "Unsolved Mysteries" synopsis that my friend, Rachel, wrote for me on one of the nights I threatened to disappear: " Tonight, the disappearance that shook Council Bluffs, Iowa. Devoted and loving mother of 2 who disappeared while her husband was on a business trip. His alibi checked out, and there’s no reason to suspect foul play. She had recently given up wine for Lent, which may have been a reason for her rash behavior, along with the sudden and unexplained illness that ravaged their house." So now you know what I battled this week, I'm also going to share my reflection upon the deeper meaning behind this week and how it correlates to my annual "fasting" of a luxury item for the Lenten Season. Lent should be

Podcast Episode 2: Parenthood

Hi Friends! I had a difficult time trying to decide what to speak about today, but once I figured it out, it just formed so organically, I even impressed myself!  Ha! If you're a parent---Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Stepdad, Foster; even an Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent, this podcast is dedicated to you---enjoy! Let me know what you think in the comments below on on my Facebook Page (and while you're there---give me a "LIKE"!) Have a Sparkletastic Week!

Live--Champagne & Conversation

Exciting News!! As I mentioned before, this year was a Year of Adventure.  I embarked down a new pathway with Sparkle & Fizz, changing direction, and before I knew it, I was propelled forward on a journey that I literally only dreamed of. Today, I'm launching the next component of my Sparkle & Fizz Adventure---Podcasting!! To say the least, I am nervous as hell, but, Episode One is complete and LIVE now! Check it out here: Don't forget to find me on Social Media & Connect!  (See the Contact Me Page for how and where.)  I want to hear your thoughts and feedback!  What do you want to talk about in the future?  Who would you like to hear come on board (I'm talking local, my friends...I can't make any celebrities appear!)? I'm so excited and now exhausted!  I think I'm gonna go take a much deserved nap!