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Tip Tuesday: The Eyes Have It!

Did you know that when it comes to creating a stunning look with cosmetics, your eye shape  has quite a lot to do with that?  It's true!  Take myself, for example.  I am one of the blessed individuals with a Monolid  eye shape (thanks, genetics) so many of the gorgeous shimmery "peekaboo" looks for eyes with visible creases (which is all the rest of you folks!) I cannot easily achieve.  *Sigh*. And just like clothing, one size and one style does not  fit all!  (I could never wear a romper, my short little torso just can't handle that!)  So, today's Tip Tuesday is all about learning how to identify your eye shape and some cosmetic tips for applying your make-up to bring out the best  for your eyes! Let's get started with a couple tips to check out your eyes: Use a good mirror---a handheld is good, a stand-up is better, and a stand-up magnifying mirror is best! Lights, please!  Artificial lighting is fine, provided you have a clear view of your eye, ther

My Hudson James is 3!

You know what's crazy about Motherhood?  Well...besides everything, of course!  The ridiculous emotional rollercoaster.  One minute, you're so happy and proud, riding on the highest peak---the next, you're plunging downward in a spiral of sappiness and tears that not even Ben & Jerry can pull you out of!  At least, that's how I felt yesterday when my baby turned three.  On one hand, I'm totally in awe and taken back by how incredibly grown up he's become, the little personality he has developed is just so uniquely him, and I truly cannot believe how smart and affectionate he is!  And I'm beyond proud.  Then, on the other hand, I feel like I've just blinked and the last three years have literally just flown by.  I feel like I missed out on everything!  And I was here for it all!  But I missed it, right!?  I mean, he can't be THREE!!!  And then---the Ugly. Cry.  Ugh, Motherhood has turned me into an emotional Hot Mess. Hudson James -- 10/20/201

Top 10 Tuesday: Beauty A-Listers

Since I've embarked on broadening my horizons with an entire new Skincare/Beauty Line, I want to share with you some of my current Beauty A-Listers!  I've been introduced to a whole vast world of skincare science, good-for-you ingredients, and some pretty cool color cosmetics!  So let's take a look at my Top 10 Beauty Products... 1.  LipSense Well, this is no big secret that LipSense will be the first on my list!  I mean, this innovative long-lasting gorgeous good-for-you liquid lip color is what got me hooked onto SeneGence in the first place and made me want to become a distributor!  I rarely ever wore lipstick because I just hated getting it everywhere---my coffee cup, my wine glass, my hubs.  So, I just stopped.  But there's something about adding a splash of color to my lips that made me feel more beautiful and confident and so I missed wearing something .  I tried all sorts of other things---lip stains, lip glosses, lip polish---but none of them worked "

COTW: Granny Apple Green

It's Week TWO of the Inktober Challenge---Color of the Week.  Don't forget to check out my Facebook Community  ( click here ) and you can find all the information for this month's Challenge there! Week Two's color was Granny Apple Green . This green is so gorgeous and bright and it reminds me of summer with just a hint of coolness to it that it can transition easily into fall.  I also really see a bright, shiny Granny Smith Apple whenever I see this color and I can almost smell the sweet tartness! pie....fall...**swoon**. Week Two went by with no players again, but that's OK, we still have THREE more weeks to play!!  Remember: I'm giving away a FREE Ink Pad for the grand prize!  You'll get a new ink pad with all the new innovations (what are those?  Click Here to find out!)  So, I used one of my own color inspiration photos again this week. I needed to create an anniversary card for the hubs since Year Nine is rapidly

Whatdya Know Wednesday: Ink Pad Redesign

Have you had a chance to see or use the NEW & IMPROVED Stampin' Up! Ink Pad?  If you haven't, you're going to love the new updated packaging, the sleeker design, and the better ink formulation.  Stampin' Up! updated the Classic Stampin' Ink Pads to correlate with the new 2018 Color Revamp and these new Ink Pads are incredible! Here's a short video to showcase these new beauties: I also created a little infographic to share all the new features of the Redesigned Classic Stampin' Ink Pads.  Take a peek! What catches your eye most about the new Ink Pad Redesign and what updates are you the most excited about? Comment below or let's talk on Facebook!

What's on my Workout Playlist!'s for real I have a super busy rest of the year and I'm not looking forward to the extra pounds that all my upcoming events will add to my waistline!  SO---I need to be proactive and hit the gym hard to hopefully, maintain the not-quite-ideal weight that I am at currently! I don't know about you, but I always feel much more motivated to workout when I have some good jams playing in my ears!  My music is literally all over the place, but I'll give you a sneak peek at what's on my playlist! 1.  Britney Spears - I Wanna Go I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a huge  B-Spears fan!  I have a total Girl Crush on her---always have.  While the lyrics to this particular song are maybe morally questionable (to say the least) the beat is what gets my heart pumping and my legs moving.  I need something that's fast-paced and makes me want  to move.  This song does it!  I may not sing along with all the words, but it does make me wanna go! 2.  Zedd, Mare

COTW: Blackberry Bliss

On Facebook last week, I announced my Inktober Challenge---Color of the Week.  If you haven't joined my Facebook Community, click here and look for my Inktober Challenge for all the deets! This week's color was Blackberry Bliss . I just adore the rich, deep hue of this gorgeous purple.  It feels so much like fall, too.  Not to mention, I get an image in my head of picking blackberries with my kiddos in the forest (not unlike Little Red Riding Hood) and it makes me almost  want to do just that! All right, so this week we didn't have anyone play along---and that made my heart a bit sad!  However, I still took it upon myself to create a project for this week using this photo as my inspiration. I thought this table-setting was the perfect jumping off point for getting to play with the new Holiday Catalog set: Country Home.  And it was!!  Here's what I came up with: I incorporated a jug of flowers with the regal Blackberry Bliss and Old Olive hues, drew i

Halloween Costume Ideas: 2018

Now that October has arrived, Halloween is fast approaching and I need to get on the ball for some costume ideas for J and I!  Just for fun, here's an old throw-back to one of our first Halloween's together!  Wow---look at those babies! I've been scouring Pinterest and the Interwebs to try to find some of the best (and easiest, because let's face it, this Mama doesn't have time for much these days!) Halloween costumes that the collective Halloweenies of the World have concocted.  Here's some of my favorites: 1.  Jack & Coke Ahh, the simplicity!  Plus, I may be fully tempted to go trick-or-treating with a tumbler of Jack & Coke to keep me warm (#nojudgement).  I mean, a couple t-shirts, some jeans, and Chucks and done.  This is at the top of my list for obvious reasons. 2.  Dr. Grant & Ellie Sattler Channeling my inner 90's child has me all sorts of giddy on the inside!  Plus, I could dress my kids up as dinosaurs and that wo

October Project of the Month: Treat Tag

I have been using the Sheltering Tree stamp set a lot lately and I thought it could make a great elemental component for a Halloween tag!  And was I right!!  Look at how this stamp set surprisingly became the focal point for this super quick and easy tag idea---perfect for stamping out and creating many multiples! The other thing I was super excited to do was reuse my stamp set that came in my September Paper Pumpkin Kit!  The little bat stamp that was included was just perfect  to use to finalize this spooky scene!  If you haven't become a Paper Pumpkin Subscriber, you may want to rethink it!  For just $20 a month you get a full all-inclusive kit (including a stamp set!) delivered straight to your door!  Even when the project is completed, you can still reuse your stamp set that comes in your kit, like I did here!  Click Here to learn more about Paper Pumpkin! OK, so this tag was really simple to make here's how: Supply List: Whisper White Cardstcok #100730 Shelt