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Presents for my Peanuts

My daughter loves presents.  It's totally her Love Language.  It's mine, too, but seeing the joy on that little girl's face when she gets a present makes me almost as excited as if I got one, too.  (Notice, I did say *almost*! Ha!)

Well, what kind of present-giver would I be if I just handed her a small trinket and said, "Here's your gift!"  I mean, there is a certain amount of excitement and joy when you are handed a small, brightly colored package, so I indulge her.

Because I'm a crafty lady, I have made my own gift bags a few times.  Here's one that just melts my heart:

Yep!  That's totes adorbs.

And it's the perfect size for a 2-pack of Shopkins or a Thomas Mini (for my son, whose Love Language I haven't quite pin-pointed---Gifts isn't quite it---but like he would say "no" to a present!!)

Here's how we make it.

Supply List:

Paper Dimensions:
  • Yellow Patterned Birthday Memories DSP (10"x5")
  • Striped Birthday Memories DSP (1-1/2"x3")
  • Use the Gift Bag Punch Board and follow the instructions with the board to create your gift bag.  (It's really easy, I promise!  This Punch Board simplifies things so much!  You literally just punch, score, and adhere!)
    • Tip: Use the Tear & Tape Adhesive when assembling your gift bag.  It will hold up and the bag will stay together the best with this adhesive.
  • Use the Banner Triple Punch to notch one of the ends of your striped DSP.  It's so perfect!  Adhere that to your gift bag.
  • The next step is a bit time-consuming---you have to "fussy cut" out the little bunny from the character piece of Birthday Memories DSP.  But he's so cute, it's totally worth it!
    • Tip: If you wanted a different character, you may be able to die-cut one using the Birthday Friends Framelits.  These Framelits die cut out the Fox, Poodle, or a Little Girl.  It's so great that Stampin' Up! paired the DSP with the Framelits!  It's a great time-saver that way!
  • I wanted a thinner bow, so I cut my ribbon in half to create a thinner strip of the Lemon Lime Twist 1/2" Finely Woven Ribbon.  Then I tied a nice neat little bow.  Glue that onto the top of your gift bag.
  • Lastly, use a Stampin' Dimensional to pop your little bunny character up on your banner.
Now fill that little gift bag with candy, trinkets, or just put it on your spouse's pillow for a "hint-hint"!

And just because...

See!  I told you that present was worth that smile! <3

Until next time, Friends!


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