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Tutorial Tuesday: Milk Carton Treats

Hello, Friends!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I know I sure did!  My Fall Block Party was a huge success; everyone had such a fun time!  If you didn't join us, be sure you come to our October Event, where we will be making some fun treat tags for your Halloween goodies!  We all have such a good time, crafting and making new friends!

But speaking of treats---I wanted to come up with a special way to package some goodies for giveaways.  I've seen some cute milk cartons decorated for different occasions, but they were all created with an adorable die.  Now, that's all good and well, I could run out and buy it, but why do that when I found myself a super easy way to make my own milk carton with some paper, my score board, and some Tear and Tape Adhesive!?

I'll share the tutorial today, but I need to be sure to give credit to Sam Hammond Donald (owner of as I have adapted my tutorial from her original share.  Thank you, Sam, for your original creativity and your awesome instruction!

Take a look at the Halloween milk carton I made:

So now, let's get down to business of making this little treat box!

Supply List:
Paper Dimensions:
  • Cardstock (8-1/2" x 6")
  • First thing is first, let's start with our Cardstock cut at the 8-1/2" x 6" dimensions.
  • Lay your Cardstock with the 8-1/2" side against the top of the Simply Scored Scoring Tool.

  • Score at the 2", 4", 6", and 8" marks.

  • Turn the Cardstock 90 degrees (so the 6" side is now at the top of the Simply Scored Scoring Tool) and score at 2" and 4".

  • Flip your paper over (the 6" side with the thin score line towards the top) and score one more time (with the score crease going the opposite direction) at the 5-1/2" mark.
  • Turn your paper again (so the new thin line is towards the top and the 8" score line is to the right) and make two small score lines (meeting to the horizontal score line) at 3" and 7".  (This part is a bit confusing to explain; hopefully my photo will clarify the confusion I'm bound to have put in your brain.  So sorry!)
  • Now, we're going to take a ruler (or some other straight-edge) and connect your small score lines (the new 3" and 7" score lines you just made) to the second horizontal score line.  Use your Bone Folder and make some score lines in an upside-down "V" shape.  (Again, the photo should make more sense!)

  • The next picture should give you a better idea of what your finished score marks should look like.
  • Now with your Paper Snips, we're going to "miter" the edges and trim off some of the thin score line on the right.  This will provide a smooth connection to our box when we're assembling.
  • Now go ahead and pre-fold all your lines!  The upside-down "V" shape may be a bit tricky to fold; don't worry about it getting it perfect, just kind of get those lines started.  And don't forget to fold the thin top score line the opposite direction as the rest of the folds.
  • Take your Paper Snips again and make cuts along the bottom score lines vertically to the horizontal score line.
  • It's adhesive time!  Use your Tear & Tape Adhesive and apply as shown in the photo.
  • Flip your paper over and apply on the mitered edge.
  • Now, your box will assemble with ease!  Use a decorative clothespin, a library clip, or even a paperclip to hold your little treat box together.  You can further embellish your box with Designer Series Paper or just some ribbon.
I hope that this week's Tutorial was fun and gets your inspired to try making these adorable Milk Cartons!  I'd love to see what you put inside of yours or how you've decorated them!  Drop me a line or tag me in your Instagram post (@papercrafting.passionista) and share with me what you've done!

Here's a few more embellished milk cartons for additional inspiration!

Later, Friends!


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