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September Drink More Water Challenge Starts NOW!

Well, we've made it to Day 1 of my September "Drink More Water" Challenge!  I hope that you snagged your FREE Printable from my last Blog Post; if you didn't, check out Friday's Blog Post and get your Printable from there now. 

Today I'm so excited to start my challenge with those of you who have already committed!  If you didn't put in your commitment; that's OK!  You can still Challenge with us---just jump in anytime!  And be sure to join me on Facebook and on Instagram for some additional group motivation.  I figure this first round we'll go three weeks (so the Challenge starts TODAY and will run until SATURDAY, September 29th!)

To kick us off, I have some more great additional resources for you.  First, I'm going to share some Tips & Tricks with you on how I use my Water Tracker and give you some extra ideas on how you can make this Tracker work for you.

Here's how mine looked last week:

As I mentioned, I use stickers to help me mark off my boxes and I really just got them from the Dollar Tree.  You can pick up little stickers just about anywhere, or you can just cross them off with a pen, marker, or crayon.  Whatever tickles your fancy.  (I started my own personal challenge a day late so, that's why there's nothing filled in for Sunday!)  This is also quite pleasing for my OCD and so it's almost a challenge to not just drink the water, but to make my chart pretty and complete!  Ha!

I have a 30 oz. tumbler that I'm using every day.

This tumbler makes it really easy for my to track how my water consumption is going.  I have filled in my "key" to show that each box is equal to 30 oz. of water; so my target goal each day is 3 boxes or 90 oz. of water.

This is a bit more than half of my body weight in ounces, but I figure more is better!  This makes things so much easier for my to keep track of and mentally I think it's easier for me to tell myself "drink three of these" instead of "drink *90* ounces of water"!  So...if you have a favorite water glass/bottle/tumbler, get that out and measure how much ounces it holds and determine how many glasses/bottles/tumblers you need to drink each day to hit your goal! 

(For example: if you weigh 140 pounds, you want to drink 70 ounces of water per day.  Your favorite water bottle holds 16 ounces of water; take 70 / 16 = 4.375; I'd round up and make it 5 bottles of water a day).

One last thing I do is I have agreed with my Hubby to "reward" myself with $0.25 per sticker.  If I hit my goal of 3 tumblers per day every day a week, I'll "earn" $5.25/week in guilt free money.  I can splurge on a coffee or maybe I'll save it up for some Stampin' Blends or a new ShadowSense!  I'm pretty competitive by nature, but having that little "extra" reward money sweetens the pot for me!

I've also created one more FREEBIE for you!  Here is a three-week Water Recipe Plan that you can print off and use to help flavor some of you water for more added variety.  Let me know what you think!

All right---3-2-1 GO!  How are you doing so far today???


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