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Halloween Costume Ideas: 2018

Now that October has arrived, Halloween is fast approaching and I need to get on the ball for some costume ideas for J and I!  Just for fun, here's an old throw-back to one of our first Halloween's together!  Wow---look at those babies!

I've been scouring Pinterest and the Interwebs to try to find some of the best (and easiest, because let's face it, this Mama doesn't have time for much these days!) Halloween costumes that the collective Halloweenies of the World have concocted.  Here's some of my favorites:

1.  Jack & Coke

Ahh, the simplicity!  Plus, I may be fully tempted to go trick-or-treating with a tumbler of Jack & Coke to keep me warm (#nojudgement).  I mean, a couple t-shirts, some jeans, and Chucks and done.  This is at the top of my list for obvious reasons.

2.  Dr. Grant & Ellie Sattler

Channeling my inner 90's child has me all sorts of giddy on the inside!  Plus, I could dress my kids up as dinosaurs and that would just make me every kind of happy!  BUT, imagining myself as a blonde Asian kind of makes me a little squeamish on the inside---I don't think it'd look quite the best for me.  IF one of you chooses to do this for Halloween, PLEASE send me a pic!!

3.  Chip & Joanna Gaines

This duo makes my heart go pitter-patter.  They are true #relationshipgoals and I think that J and I are pretty much on the same level as them.  Their quirky humor, the way they joke around, plus their obvious chemistry always makes me think of us when I see them on HGTV!  So this costume idea speaks to my heart in more ways than one (I mean, this one is pretty simple, too!  I'm sure I have Joanna's outfit in my closet right now, just because I love her style!)  I could even create a printable like these two!  Who wants one, too?!

4.  Bob & Linda Belcher

Now my good friend, Katrina and her husband, went as Bob & Linda Belcher one year.  She totally inspired me to want to do the same!  Katrina is amazing and does some great Cosplay work (you can check out her Facebook Page here) and I would love to be as creative as her with fabric and costuming ideas!  This one, I really think I could pull off.  Plus, she made Lexi a Louise Hate and I'm pretty sure that still fits her... hmm....

5.  Clark Kent (Superman) & Lois Lane

This costume duo is perfect in the sense that you don't even have to change after coming home from the office on Wednesday night!  I could make J just wear a Superman T-shirt to work all day under his suite and when he gets home, he can unbutton a bit and ta-da!  Insta-costume!  It actually makes me want to make a cute Press Pass printable, too!

What other Couple Costume ideas do you have?  What would you like to dress up as?  Is there anything you'd like me to curate and turn into a free printable option for download?  Comment below or drop me a line anytime!


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