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December Challenge: Goodfellows Donations

If you subscribe to my monthly newsletter, then this isn't "new" news to you!  But, if you don't (and I don't know why you don't!  Sign up for it now!) then here's what's going down this month for the Sparkle & Fizz December Challenge: 100% of my profits for the month will be donated to the Goodfellows World-Herald Goodfellows Charity. 

When I was 10, I begged and begged my parents to let me have a newspaper route (I really don't know why---I guess I thought it would be "fun") and they finally agreed to let me give it a go.  The first couple days I loved it.  Then, after day three, I loathed it.  It was hot, the newspapers would stick together, I had to walk the route (uphill both ways!), and I was DONE.  But, my parents reminded me that this was my idea and that I wanted it.  So I had to stick it out.  Perseverance.  Commitment.  Tenacity.  Those were super hard life lessons learned at a young age.  And it was because of my parents---the true inspiration and Super Heroes.  (Thanks so much, Mom & Dad!!!)

OK, well, I stuck it out.  And I'd go on to deliver newspapers for about five years (eventually "bequeathing" this fine route to my dear little sister, until she decided she couldn't handle it anymore, too).  I rarely read the newspapers when I'd get them ready to deliver.  Even though, I was technically a subscriber.  But, the one time of year I did read the paper was in December.  I'd read about the families the Goodfellows Charity would help.  Those who were single parents or elderly who didn't have transportation.  Those stories made me believe in the good we had in the world.  That there were people who needed help, right here in my backyard, and in the same neighborhood, there were folks who were able to and did give.  (You can read more about the charity here).

I'd anxiously watch every day the Goodfellows Charity "thermometer" go up, as more and more donations came in to help those families the newspaper wrote about.  Goodfellows would provide money for Christmas gifts or a food certificate for a Holiday Meal.  And I thought it was wonderful.  At the young age I was, I knew I needed to be like that someday; in a position to donate to those in my community who needed help.

And I can.  And this year---it's because of you.  This month, every single order you make with me between now and December 20th, I will donate 100% of my profits to Goodfellows.  I'm super excited to be able to raise money for something that I have held near and dear to my heart for all these years.

You can Shop Online 24/7 by clicking here (and use Hostess CodeK6R4UC4X for an extra special thank you!) or E-Mail me or send me a text or call!  And if you HOST a Party this month, I'll donate $5 in your name, too!

Thanks for helping me with my December Challenge this month!


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