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Psalm 31:5

As I reflect back on 2018, I have realized just how God-driven my year really was.  I learned so many things, I made some exciting changes, I traveled down new paths, I made new friends, I embarked on new journies.  2018 will be coming to a close soon and I feel that I have been called to make 2019 another very purposeful, very Christ-centric year.  2018 was a year for self-discovery and I believe in my heart that 2019 is a year for others and to live out my own personal mission statement.

As many of you know, I became a distributor for SeneGence International.  I decided to become a distributor for one reason—I loved the products and I wanted to share them with the world.  Over this last year, I reflected back on why I loved the products and the answer was very simple: they made me feel confident.  Friends, this was truly the first time in my whole life where I truly felt comfortable in my own skin.  This was the first time in my whole life where I finally believed I was the beautiful woman my husband has always told me I was.  The transformation was incredible.  With this newfound confidence, I was, quite literally, radiating!  I felt better about meeting new people and reconnecting with past acquaintances.  I learned new skills with direct sales and I blossomed.  But while I loved the products, I realized I loved what they did just for myself and it was difficult connecting those dots with others.  Skincare and cosmetics is really a very personal choice; and those I came into contact with agreed.  And they had already found and connected with their personal beauty line.  And I was elated for them!  But then, how could I continue to help?  I struggled being consistent with sharing SeneGence with others and I wasn’t sure why...

2018 was where I found my outer beauty, but it was also the year that I discovered something hidden inside me, too.  Now that I felt confident, I realized that there were other things I had been battling, that I never was able to pinpoint because I was lacking the self-confidence to recognize what the root of the problem was — depression.  I was able to see that when I was down, I was really down.  Without going into too much detail here, I had some things happen that caused me to really look down deep and question my own mental health.  I talked to my doctor and I got help.  And let me tell you, that help has been instrumental in continuing my God-led walk down this path of being the sparkle.

I mentioned I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t consistent with sharing SeneGence with others and a big part was because my head was clouded with depression which took me away from doing things I was passionate about.  But when I was able to lift that fog, I was also about to better determine what I was truly passionate about.  And that was back to my personal mission: encouraging and empowering others to be the Sparkle in the world.  I needed to really help others.  And while finding great skincare and cosmetics helped me, it wasn’t where I felt my heart belonged.  I knew it was time to do some serious soul-searching.

I thought about my personal mission and I reflected back on when I originally created it and what prompted me to create it.  Originally, my mission wording was “ help others be their best” and when I created Sparkle & Fizz, I re-wrote those words to better reflect my branding, but with the same intention.  I was in a place in my life where I was managing others, but I never called myself a “manager”.  I was a coach and a mentor and I lead a team of extraordinary people to do extraordinary things.  It was what I loved.

I’ve now decided to embark on a coaching pathway again and work with others who are involved in small businesses and direct sales.  But in order to keep working with direct sales folks, I know I need to keep myself immersed in direct sales.  I found a company that more closely aligns with my own personal mission; they offer products that I love and use on a daily basis, they have a fantastic rewards program, and the support they provide is some of the best I’ve seen in the industry.  I’ll still hold classes and stay involved with my Stampin’ Up! business, too, because that’s just so much fun for me and it gives me a creative outlet to share with others.  And while I'm no longer going to continue my Distributorship, I’ll still use SeneGence products, because I’ll be eternally grateful for the confidence they’ve provided to me to listen to my heart and to allow myself to be Christ-led and trust in Him.  

For now, I’ll also be involved with Thirty-One Gifts in an active direct sales role while also working directly one-on-one with others as their business coach.  Thirty-One has one simple goal: to celebrate, encourage, and reward women. The founder created the name of the company after Proverbs 31. Aligning myself with a direct sales company that emulates my own personal core values is what I need and I believe in my heart that literally everything in this past year has led me up to this moment.

I personally invite you to continue to join me on my crazy journey, to embrace my mission and allow me to encourage and inspire you to be your own Sparkle in the world.  I thank you for your support on my ventures, for my ups and downs, for my transitions, trials, and errors. Together I believe we can do so much in the world. We can grow as a strong community of small Sparkles that light up the planet.


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