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Lent 2020: Days Nine-Thirteen

Hahah.  I am realllllllly good at sticking to my Daily Gratitude Posts.  {Insert Eye Roll Here}.  Well, I guess I can blame life, sicknesses, etc., but the reality is---I haven't been sticking to my Lenten Commitment of being Intentional.  But, let's forget the past and just start moving forward, right?

Day Nine:
Thursday was a rough day.  HJ was still sick-ish.  I started having the WORST sinus pressure.  I had a horrible headache.  I was out of ibuprofen for myself and I really didn't feel like going anywhere, despite the fact that I was beginning to get a little stir-crazy.  But, then I remembered how incredible Target Pick-Up is!  Just click, add to cart, checkout, boom.  Less than two hours later, I get a notification that my order is ready and I drive myself (and my sick kid) to a parking spot, GPS notifies Target of my arrival, and check---I have a bottle of ibuprofen and Advil Sinus meds in my hands and I'm back on my way home to my couch and snuggles without actually going into a car.  Target.  I am so grateful for you.

Day Ten:
After medicating and (almost miraculously) back to nearly 100% for both HJ and myself, it was time to finally break out of my house!  I had a great morning coffee with friends and then ended the evening at the best Fish Fry of the area with more friends!  And while I think I mentioned that beer was my gratitude item Friday night, upon reflection, I distinctly remember a sign we passed by in the hallway that said "What would you have tomorrow if you woke up with only the things you thanked God for today?"  It really resonated inside me (even after being a few beers in...) and I remember pondering that and announcing how that was a great reminder of my 2020 Lenten Journey.  A sweet little sign/message from God that I was still on the right path.  On His path.  I was so grateful for small signs and messages from God and for an open heart that is receptive to those beautiful notes.

Day Eleven:
Saturday was full of fun and laughter and happy.  J had a fantastic day spending some much needed, quality 1:1 time with his dad.  And I took the kids to visit my best friend's parents out of town.  J enjoyed time shooting on the family farm; while I scooted around town for lunch and the park with everyone.  We both had our cups filled to the brim because we chose to take intentional time to pour into those relationships.  His was with family.  Mine was with people I choose as family.  And it was the chosen family that I was grateful for.  I appreciate the relationships I have chosen to have.  Some of those relationships are truly with blood family.  And others are those who aren't blood family, but family by choice.  But regardless, you still can choose family and for that I am grateful.

Day Twelve:
Sunday I got the opportunity to learn how to make Ableskiver!  For those who don't know, this is a Danish dish of circular puffy balls made from a batter that resemble waffles.  It's typically enjoyed with jam, or, in some cases, brown sugar milk!  Learning the techniques of making Ableskiver was incredible and so much fun.  But beyond that, was learning old family traditions, old family stories, and family history.  Hearing about our ancestors, knowing our heritages---it just makes me so grateful for what our predecessors had to go through before us, but also, for the gifts they gave us to be able to continue carrying on traditions and cultures of years past.  Our history truly does shape our futures.  It's our responsibility to make sure that history doesn't die.

Day Thirteen:
This brings us to Monday.  Monday was a dreary day.  It went from 80 degrees (Sunday) to a chilly 33 degrees and ended with a rain/sleet shower, which further dampened my mood.  (Pun intended).  But there was a really bright and sunny spot in my day.  I finished a project for a dear friend who had a friend that was finalizing her very first adoption!  It was a beautiful gift and I was truly honored to make it.  And what made it even more special for me, was that I know, quite firsthand, just how special and precious adoption is.  My mom and dad adopted both myself and my sister when we were babies from South Korea and I was gifted with the most glorious life.  I know how specially loved these babes are and so it makes me feel so many different emotions when I think about the kids and the families.  I have joy, a little sorrow, happy, and, of course, gratitude.  I'm so grateful for adoption.  I'm so grateful for those who choose adoption.  I'm so grateful for those who support adoption.

I realize that technically today is Day Fourteen, but it's still morning, and I have a lot of day left to reflect on and be mindful of before I decide my intentional gratitude item for today.  So, stay tuned!  I WILL be back!


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