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Lent 2020: Day Two

Today's post is brought to you by...COFFEE.  I'm not going to lie, I really did consider giving up coffee for Lent, but when I mentioned it to one of my best friends, his response was "well, I'll see you in 40 days!"  I was kind of shocked at his lack of support, but then I read a post that was shared with me regarding Lent and some "food for thought" and one of the bullet points read "Don't give up coffee. Jesus will forgive you, but your family might not."  Well---I heard God loud and clear on that one.  Don't give up coffee.  And I'm so very glad I did not.

See today, I had a TON of things to accomplish.  We're gearing up for a big weekend and I had quite the laundry list to do.  Not only was my laundry list (and my laundry basket) huge, but I didn't sleep well last night.  I had a very restless husband, so I put myself out on the couch.  Which wasn't terrible, but it wasn't exactly great, either.  So I already started my day tired.

An ENTIRE pot of coffee later and I was slowly checking things off my list.  Take my daughter to preschool: check.  Start a load of laundry: check.  Pick up groceries: check.  Switch laundry and start new load: check, check.  This continued throughout the day until I was able to completely say ALL my laundry is 100% done, my carpets were vacuumed, my dishes were washed (not a single one in my sink!), my floors were mopped, my furniture dusted, kids rooms picked up, fresh sheets on my bed, and dinner made (well, mostly made, I did run into a snag where a Plan B was required, but at least I had a Plan B formulated in my head!).

This day could absolutely not have been if it weren't for the energy that my pot of coffee provided me.  Not to mention, the amount of extra patience I felt I had with the kids today!  They only got on my nerves a handful of times!  Ha!

I also would be thoroughly zonked out by now and formulating any excuse to not have completed my devotional today and to have not written my gratitude post.  But, my devotional spoke of John the Baptist and how he was a Witness of Christ.  I need to be more like John.  It's my job to be a Witness to others to help bring them along on my spiritual journey.  Even if it's something as simple as relating the fact that the Holy Spirit really gave me ALL the signs to NOT give up coffee for Lent.  And then to show me on the second day of Lent exactly WHY I shouldn't have.

So here's to coffee and getting stuff DONE!

Father God, THANK YOU, for all the signs to point me in the direction of not giving up coffee for Lent.  Thank you for giving my body the extra "oomph" it needed to get done what I needed to get done and to have more patience than any overtired mother should have any right to.  Please continue working through me, even these small, seemingly trivial ways, to be a Witness for you and to bring others along in my and their spiritual journey.  In Your Name, Amen.


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