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10 Things for Thankful Thursday

Today is Thursday and I've been feeling a little melancholy lately.  It's time for me to amp up my attitude and remind myself the multitude of blessings that I have been given and share some things that make my heart happy.  Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, we have a tendency to forget what truly makes us happy.  Here's what's on my list---do you have some similar items on yours?

1.  My Faith
This Bible has been well marked and well used over the years---it was a gift from my church when I was a kid for my Confirmation.  When life seems to be the bleakest, I turn to some of the best advice I can---my Bible.  Sometimes I flip to my marked pages and read my highlighted verses for comfort or strength, but sometimes I feel God speaking to my heart and I'll randomly flip to a page and read a new story or a new section and have new answers provided to me through His Grace. 

My husband and I recently found this beautiful antique desk at an Estate Sale and it now makes for the perfect devotional spot in my bedroom.  Its been many years since I've had a special place and I am very excited to have a special place for me to seek solace or pray in Thanksgiving.  My Faith is truly the foundation for who I am, for my marriage, for parenting, for everything and thinking of how my Faith has strengthened me over the years---that makes me the happiest and most grateful of all.

2.  My Husband
This man is goofy, silly, funny, passionate, exciting, loving, tender, and the best counterpart I could ever ask for in this world.  I cannot imagine myself without him by my side, behind my back, and in front to catch me if I stumble.  We've been together for over a decade and it still seems like just yesterday when we had the "worst first date" ever! 

Thinking of the fun we have together, the experiences we have shared; that brings so much happy and so much love to my heart.

3.  My Children
It was always a burning desire in my heart to become a mother.  After losses, fertility treatments, struggles, heartaches and heartbreaks, these two adorable Tiny Humans blessed me in the most incredible way possible.  While my HJ was born just 50 short weeks following his big sister, Lexi, I couldn't imagine my journey into Motherhood any other way. 

These two have taught me so much in the past four years than I could have ever imagined learning in all my years before them.  They have me feeling so many emotions all at the same time; happy, proud, frustrated, content, loved, and loving.  I pray that I can help mold and shape them into the BEST humans they can be and that they will help to continue spreading my mission to Be the Sparkle!

4.  Paper, Ink & Stamps

I started my journey with Stampin' Up! because I have always loved paper and paper crafting!  BUT.  I quickly found that in my wild and crazy journey of Motherhood, I had also found a sense of accomplishment with Paper, Ink and Stamps.  I could make a card in five minutes at the end of a long day and have something done in its entirety from start to finish.  It may have been the only thing I fully accomplished in my day, but it made me start to feel like I was no longer drowning in endless piles of laundry, stacks of dishes, tubs of toys.  I could do something completely and then the best part was I could send that finished card to a friend to cheer them up, let them know I was thinking about them---and that made me feel even BETTER!

So my creative outlet afforded me many avenues to feel great about myself and in turn, helping to make others feel great about themselves, too.  This was the seedling for how my mission to Be the Sparkle was hatched.  And that is really something to be happy about and thankful for.

5.  LipSense
Well, while Stampin' Up! was where the seedling of the idea for Be the Sparkle came from---LipSense and SeneGence Cosmetics was what made that seedling bloom into what is now Sparkle & Fizz!  I grew more confident within myself, I became more sure than ever of what direction I wanted my professional career to head, and it was really from this one little tube of Lip Color!  Wow!

It doesn't hurt that LipSense (and SeneGence in general) lasts and lasts all day and pulls me from day to night flawlessly and fits into my super busy lifestyle!  I no longer feel like I have to pick between cosmetics or QT with my kids---I can fit it all in now with a simplified routine and quick and easy, long-lasting cosmetics!  That's a huge #MomWin!

6.  Helping Others
This one should be obvious to make my list of things that make me happy.  I mean, my journey wouldn't be complete without the final sense of accomplishment knowing that I was able to reach out and help someone else.  Whether it's helping them feel more confident, more beautiful, achieve goals and dreams, or just make them smile...I am always wanting to help someone else.

Doing something good for someone else fuels my heart-power and helps me to keep going.  Every day, I want to do something for someone else.  We all bleed the same color and we're on the same Earth---therefore we're all playing for the same TEAM (Team HUMAN) and I believe that Together Everyone Achieves More!

7.  Water
While I don't normally drink enough water like I should, my #BetheSparkleWaterChallenge has really reignited my love affair with good ol' H2O!  Challenging myself to drink half of my body weight in water has helped improve my overall health and mental well-being, plus, I just feel good about pushing myself and succeeding!  And all of that is something to feel happy about!

8.  Wine
Well; I can't very well love water by itself.  I mean, Jesus turned water into wine, right?!  I love me a good glass of wine after my babes are in bed and I'm curled up on the couch with the man of my dreams.  My friend, Kellie, of Traveling Vineyard, has some of my most favorite wine, too!  Like---Fissata or Three Hearts Rose!  Yes, please!!  (Is it 5:00 yet?!)

9.  Mac & Cheese
It's no secret that I LOVE food.  But Mac & Cheese is my most favorite food on the planet.  I could eat it every day, all day.  I even have had Mac & Cheese for breakfast, before!  #NoShame.  There's something soooo comforting about creamy cheese dousing a forkful of tender, al dente pasta.  Mac & Cheese is like a hug in a bowl.  The cheese hugs the macaroni and then it just warms you up from the inside out!

One of my favorite Mac & Cheese recipes can be found here.  It's great for a quick and easy homemade version!

10.  A NEW Box of Crayons
This just may be the most quirky one for me, but I just ADORE a brand new box of crayons.  I enjoy the delicious smell they have---it reminds me so much of my childhood and of coloring.  (PS: Coloring is extremely therapeutic!  Don't believe me---join my Coloring Club!)

I also love the feel of the brand new brightly colored wax flowing smoothly over a blank piece of paper or adding a bold splash of color to a black and white picture.  I could color with my kiddos all day and eat mac & cheese!  (See why I was destined to become a mother!?  I'm still a KID!)

I hope that you enjoyed learning a little about me and about a few things that I love and that I'm very thankful are in my life.  If you're ever finding yourself in a particularly melancholy day, I encourage you to make a Gratitude List; even three items will help perk your attitude up! 

Do you share any of the same loves as I do?  Comment below or on Facebook and share what makes you happy on Thankful Thursday!


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