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Makeup-less Monday: What that means to me

Today's post is, perhaps, going to be a little deep.  But, I promise you, I have a point to it.

To start; I was adopted by my wonderful parents.  I've shared that before, but for those who haven't seen that post about me, I am sharing again.  As an immigrant from South Korea, I always had a lot of insecurities about the way I looked.  I didn't have blonde hair, my eyes were "funny" shaped, I was darker-complected, and on and on.  I struggled with self-esteem and "fitting-in" with my peers from a very early age.  I had classmates pull on their eyes to mimic the shape of my own, I've had adults ask me where I'm from (as if it matters).
Senior Promo in High School---this was maybe the most I'd smile; I didn't want to squint too much.
I once had a boyfriend, in high school, who asked me if, after we were married, would I wear makeup to bed so I would wake up pretty.  That was the final straw to cementing my fears that I wasn't beautiful on the outside.  Clearly, I thought, I needed cosmetics to make me attractive!  So, I never went out in public without makeup on.  I was also depressed in high school---no doubt from a gamut of insecurities, stressors of growing pains, and my own toxic thought process.

After high school, I found a Direct Sales Company that I fell in love with.  I learned about good skin care and I thought that maybe if I had good skin, I'd be more beautiful.  It wasn't quite the right thought-process, but it started me on a better pathway.  After learning more about our skin and self-care, I finally started to like myself.  I even started to like myself sans makeup and felt much more comfortable with a clean face at home.  I used a daily regimen, to ensure my skin looked its best, but I still used quality cosmetic products out and about.

It wasn't until I met my husband, in 2008, that I was able to truly grow more comfortable in my own skin.  He was one of the first people who saw me without makeup on in my adult-life.  But, he did so much more than that.  My husband told me I was beautiful, but even better, he helped me to believe that I was beautiful.

It was THIS guy who helped me to learn my own definition of "beauty".
It all started from the inside, too.  He saw all the amazing things that I was; kind, considerate, compassionate, intelligent, motivated, passionate, and capable of loving---not just others, but myself, too.  I started to embrace what made me me.  I started to see the qualities of who Trisha was comprised of and I began to really love her.  As I grew to love Trisha, an amazing transformation started.  I became confident.  I knew who I was; and I knew who I wasn't.  I no longer tried to hide who I was, but I embraced it.  Instead of wishing I had blonde hair; I loved my thick, long shiny locks.  Instead of hating my eye shape; I found how to love applying cosmetics in a unique way that others couldn't.  No longer did I hate my darker-complected skin; I was the envy of other women who longed for a "permanent tan".

I continued to nurture my newfound love of myself and now that I was secure and happy with who I was, I wanted to take care of that person from the inside out.  I learned more about skincare, about mental health, about a happy spirit.  I also learned my Why.  I wanted to help others to become their best selves.  I wanted to inspire others to take care of their very best them so they could perhaps inspire their others to do the same.  I wanted to create a cycle.

Now, as a Hot Mess Mom who is lucky to wash her hair a couple times a week---I rarely leave the house with makeup on.  I love my clean-face and I take care of it every day with premium skincare and drinking lots of water (#BeTheSparkleWaterChallenge!)  I love to make others feel good and I will do that by writing a handwritten note in a handmade note card using some simple paper, ink, and stamps.
Happy #MakeuplessMonday!!!
Being Makeup-less on Monday is so much more than great skin; it's my journey to loving me for who I am---inside and out.  I am confident enough in myself to be makeup-less today.  I am empowered to share my story with others.  It hasn't been easy being me, but guess what?  I'm sure it wasn't easy being you, either.  Please remember: no matter what obstacles you have had thrown at you---you are beautiful.  Beauty, to me, is NOT skin-deep.  Beauty, to me, is NOT being makeup-less.  Beauty, to me, is feeling confident in who you are so you be the you that you are meant to be.

I feel my absolute BEST now, both inside and out.  Sure I still wear cosmetics, but I use them to enhance my beauty.  Not hide behind a mask.
I hope you are feel beautiful today and every day.  I hope that you have your own personal Makeup-less Monday!


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