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#BeTheSparkleWaterChallenge Week 1

So how are you all doing after week one?  It is a super daunting task to get all that water in!  I'll be honest---I didn't make it 100% every single day this week.  Did you??  I made it 6/7 days.  It. Is. Hard!  BUT!  Gotta keep plugging along.  It takes 21 days to create a habit, after all!  (Note: our challenge is 21 days long....accidental correlation?  I think not!)

I did a little more research to see how to help increase that water intake on the reg and I've compiled a summarized short-list of my findings for you here today!

Tip #1:  Create a Water Tracker

Well, by golly, Miss Molly!  This was one of the most common recommendations for increasing your water consumption!  After all, we're typically visual creatures and it helps to keep us on track, accountable, and helps us create that habit.  If you've been using my Water Tracker Printable, fantastic!  I'm super excited and would love to hear how it's working for you!  If you haven't and you think maybe you could up your game with using a Tracker, get it FREE here.

Another great way to track your water intake on the go is with an app.  Daily Water Tracker is one of the top rated apps that is free (with an optional $1.99 upgrade purchase).  It's available on iTunes or Android.  Waterlogged is another highly reviewed one that is free (with optional in-app purchases), but is only available on iTunes.  Gulp is exclusive for Android and listed as "...the BEST way to calculate...and track water consumption."  Gulp is also 100% free, so that's pretty cool.

Tip #2:  Carry a Water Bottle EVERYWHERE

This is kind of a no-brainer, but, again, there was a fairly common theme!  The biggest summation for this tip, though, is more or less to just plain and simple: make it convenient.  If you re-use the same bottle/tumbler/glass, whatever, let it be travel-friendly.  If it's not, consider investing in one.  If you prefer having ice cold water, make that convenient, too.  You can always freeze plastic water bottles and let them thaw out during the day to keep a steady stream of cold water available or get a nice insulated tumbler.

My very favorite is actually this one from Wal-Mart.  PLUS, it's literally only $8.74 and keeps my water (and ice!) COLD all day.  In fact, I still sometimes have ice floating in the mornings!  This tumbler beat out a $30 Orca tumbler AND a $40 Yeti tumbler!  (Watch this 1-minute video if you don't believe me!)  Anyway, the Ozark Trail Tumbler is my 30 oz. tumbler that I use Every. Day.  I love it.  It keeps my water ice cold for hours, is completely portable and travel-friendly, and it's cheap!!!  #winner

Tip #3:  Make Your Water Taste Good

Sometimes plain, old boring water can be...well...boring.  So it never hurts to make it a bit more interesting to make it easier to keep drinking.  Calorie-free options include fresh fruit (check out my Water Recipes Printable for some suggestions), Crystal Light (they even have some caffeinated options!), or try carbonated water (La Croix or my personal favorite, Ice Mountain Summer Strawberry).

Tip #4:  Eat Your Water

Now this one I wasn't exactly expecting.  I mean, I think I had heard of that before, but actually reading that you can "eat your water" was, honestly, a bit of a surprise.  We can increase our water intake by eating foods that are low-calorie and high in water content.  A few of these include: tomatoes, celery, watermelons, cucumbers, cauliflower, spinach, zucchini, and grapefruit.  I may have to give this one a go...maybe a tomato, cucumber, and spinach salad??

Tip #5:  Dilute Your Juice

Unless you're my toddler, I'm not sure juice is at the top of everyone's list; but I will "cheers" an occasional plastic cup of apple juice with my son.  He could drink juice all day long, but I don't let him.  And when I DO give him juice, I dilute it with water.  I just thought I was decreasing his sugar content---nope!  This mom was increasing his water intake!  #momhack #momwin #didntevenknowit!  So, I suppose, if you're a juice drinker like my son, you can channel your inner "Mama Trisha" and dilute your juice to amp up that H2O level!

Well, that's just a few of the tips I've encountered over a few different places; if you have another water consumption tip, leave me a comment here or let's chat about it on Facebook!


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