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Tip Tuesday: The Eyes Have It!

Did you know that when it comes to creating a stunning look with cosmetics, your eye shape has quite a lot to do with that?  It's true!  Take myself, for example.  I am one of the blessed individuals with a Monolid eye shape (thanks, genetics) so many of the gorgeous shimmery "peekaboo" looks for eyes with visible creases (which is all the rest of you folks!) I cannot easily achieve.  *Sigh*.

And just like clothing, one size and one style does not fit all!  (I could never wear a romper, my short little torso just can't handle that!)  So, today's Tip Tuesday is all about learning how to identify your eye shape and some cosmetic tips for applying your make-up to bring out the best for your eyes!

Let's get started with a couple tips to check out your eyes:

  1. Use a good mirror---a handheld is good, a stand-up is better, and a stand-up magnifying mirror is best!
  2. Lights, please!  Artificial lighting is fine, provided you have a clear view of your eye, there's no glare or reflection, but natural lighting is the best.  Either way, just be sure you have good visibility!
I don't have a visible crease to my lid...

Well, my friend, you fall into the same category as I do.  The Monolid

The Monolid eye shape is one where you don't have a visable crease; you just have more of a flat space without any folds when your eyes are open.  The Monolid is most popular among East Asians, which is why I fall here.  Of course, that doesn't mean Caucasians don't have a Monolid!  However, it is rather rare.

Makeup Tips:  To really accent this eye shape, you may want to create a faux crease with shadow.  You can achieve this look by applying a base in a neutral color.  Then begin drawing a "crease" from the inner corner of your eye to the middle with a light shadow shade and end your "crease" with a darker shade from the middle to the outer corner.  Add some drama and accent your fake crease with an even darker shade of shadow from the outer corner to the middle of your eyelid.

My outer corner turns upwards...

So, if you're not sure whether or not your outer corner turns upwards, try this: imagine a line that starts at the top of your eyeball and goes straight across your eye.  If the outer corner is higher than that imaginary line, you have Upturned eyes.

Upturned eyes have a naturally sultry look about them.  I really feel like the Smoky eye was totally created just for gals with the Upturned eye shape.  They have a natural upturned lift and a visible lid area that is perfect for enhancing with a dark color around the outer corner.

Makeup Tips:  To enhance this eye shape, focus more on the outer corner to emphasize your eye lift and enhance the symmetry.  Starting from the inner corner, try applying the lightest color of shadow and apply from the corner to the middle of your eye.  Apply a medium color from the outer lid meeting in the middle with your light shadow color; blend well.  Finish by smudging a dark color into the outer corner and blending well to create that smoky look.  For added dramatic flair, wing your eyeliner just a bit!

My outer corner turns downwards...

Using the same technique with the imaginary line from the above scenario, if your outer corner falls below your line, well, you guessed it!  You have Downturned eyes.

The Downturned eye shape is a lot of fun for those who love to play with eye liner!  Because of the slight drop in the outer corner, this eye shape looks fantastic with the cat eye and can be enhanced while creating a beautiful wide-awake look.

Makeup Tips:  Create a similar look with your shadow colors as if you have upturned eyes, but instead of smudging and smoking your darker shadow color, you'll want to play more with your eyeliner here.  The secret to perfect eyeliner for this eye shape is to wing your liner straight out instead of upwards.  It make seem a little weird not flicking upwards, but trust me, if you wing it out not up, you'll get a beautiful cat-eye look that highlights your eye shape, not hides it.  Also, be sure not to line the lower lid, this will just give them even more of a sleepy appearance.

I have those big eyes and when you stare into them, you can see the whites of my eyes all around my iris...

You have the big, beautiful Round eye shape! 
The Round eye shape is very similar to the Almond eye shape, symmetrical, but the noticeable difference here is with the Round eye shape, you can see the whites of your eyes all around your iris.  You can pull off most eye looks, but to really emphasize your shape, you want to elongate your eye, giving it a bit of intensity towards the outer corner.

Makeup Tips:  To elongate your eye shape, you want to draw more attention to the outer corner and sweep your shadows out and up from that area.  Start with a light shade that you'll apply all over your entire lid to the crease.  Apply a medium shade to the outer corner of the upper and lower lash line.  Then finish with a darker shade just in the outer corner of your eye, sweeping that shadow up and out.  Traditional eye liner may not work best for this eye shape; you may find you have better looking results by lining with your shadows instead.

My eyes are perfectly symmetrical and resemble an almond.

Well, this one is a no-brainer!  When you have eyes like this, you have the Almond eye shape.

Almond eyes are thought to be the most versatile of eye shapes, able to pull off just about any makeup look!  There's not a whole lot of fussing to be done with this eye shape; so just accent those beauties!

Makeup Tips:  You can truly pull off just about any look here.  The trick is to play around and try whatever you feel the most comfortable with while accenting the depth and intensity of your eye shape.  You can contour with a V-shape along the upper lash line and crease, if you'd like or accentuate your eyes with a sparkling shadow along the inner or outer corners (or both---in moderation!)

I have a crease, but I can't really see it unless I lift up my eye from my brow bone...

A lot of times, people think that having a Hooded eye shape is a product of age, but that's not exactly true!  You can have the Hooded eye shape from birth.  And that's not a bad thing!  (Think: Blake Lively!)

So your natural crease appears hidden?  So what!?  Your eye shape is fabulous for contouring!  To really make this eye shape pop, you want to enhance the visible eyelid space (and don't think about surgery!)

Makeup Tips:  To enhance your visible lid space start by applying a light shade all across your lid up to your brow bone.  Blend a medium shade across your lid into your crease.  Finally you can use a dark shade along your lash line, diffusing upwards at the outer corner for definition and to make your eyes appear bigger.  Finish the look by applying a thin amount of eye liner and finish with the smallest hint of a flick upwards.

My eyes sit far apart from each other...

So, if you want to be really scientific about this, you can grab a measuring tape or ruler and measure the space between your eyes.  Either commit that number to memory or jot it down (I'd chose the latter, personally!).  Now measure your actual width of your eye.  If the space between your eyes is greater than your eye width, you have Wide Set eyes.
While Wide Set eyes are lovely, some ladies wish they could bring them closer together.  And guess what!?  With the right cosmetic techniques, you can visually minimize that space between your eyes!  #itsmagic!

Makeup Tips:  To make your eyes appear closer together, you really want to focus on and enhance the inner corners of your eyes.  So that dark eyeshadow you may normally apply to the outer corner?  Pat that into the inner corner instead!  Start with your darkest shadow and blend into the inner corner of your eye.  Apply a medium shade to the middle of your eye, blending into the darker shade.  Finally, highlight the outer corner of your eye with your lightest shade of shadow.  Bonus: you can get away with a shimmer shade on the outside of your eye to make it seemingly "disappear".  For lining your eyes with liner, do not line from the middle of your lash line to the outer corner.  You want to focus your "drama" towards the inner part of your eye, so go for the liner, but stick to the inner corner instead.

My eyes are pretty close together...

Again, you can use the same "scientific" method of checking this eye shape out and if the space between your eyes is less than your eye width, you have Close Set eyes.
So just like visually minimizing the space between your eyes for Wide Set eyes, you can visually increase the space for Close Set eyes!  And the best way for this?  Ombre!  (Which is sooo totally in right now!)

Makeup Tips:  You can create an Ombre eye look, or a gradient look, working from the inner corner out to visually widen your eyes.  Start with the lightest shade in your inner corner and slowly work your way out, ending with the darkest shade in your outer corner.  Ensure you take your time and blend each color together to create a seamless gradient.  Once you've done that, time to bust out that shimmery highlighter shadow!  Press a small amount right into your tear duct area of the inner corner.  This will not just help your eyes appear more wide-set, they will also look bigger, too!  Finally, when it comes to eyeliner, just line the outer half of your eye, pulling that liner out past your lash line and winging it or creating a cat eye!  This will keep the focus on your outer corner, also helping them to appear larger, longer, and more spaced apart.

My eyes are large and rounded that really stand out with a deep crease and projected lids...

This eye shape may be harder to determine, but if your eyes generally look like you cake on lots of eye makeup and they seem overdone or they "bulge" out a bit, you probably have Protruding eyes.

Protruding eyes really look beautiful, but this eye shape does pose its own set of challenges.  But this shape is definitely not uncommon (think Nichole Richie).  The trick to this eye shape is to focus on highlighting and skipping traditional eye liner, as it may seem too harsh.

Makeup Tips:  Start by using a light, neutral shadow all across your entire upper lid.  Blend a medium shadow color along the outer corner, being sure to blend seamlessly into your lighter color.  Using a angled brush, use a dark color to "line" just the outer corner, avoiding the inner corner all together.  This will help reduce the space on your projected lids, giving you a more natural look.

Want an easier to digest "cliff-notes" version of this post so you can determine your own eye shape?  You're totally in luck!  I have a FREE PRINTABLE for you to download and use for your own personal use!  Use it and gather your friends together for your next Girl's Night and do makeovers---grown up style!  Click Here to download it now!  And if you use it, please share on my Facebook Page, Instagram (tag me @sparkle.n.fizz) or Comment Below!


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