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Top 10 Tuesday: Beauty A-Listers

Since I've embarked on broadening my horizons with an entire new Skincare/Beauty Line, I want to share with you some of my current Beauty A-Listers!  I've been introduced to a whole vast world of skincare science, good-for-you ingredients, and some pretty cool color cosmetics!  So let's take a look at my Top 10 Beauty Products...

1.  LipSense

Well, this is no big secret that LipSense will be the first on my list!  I mean, this innovative long-lasting gorgeous good-for-you liquid lip color is what got me hooked onto SeneGence in the first place and made me want to become a distributor!  I rarely ever wore lipstick because I just hated getting it everywhere---my coffee cup, my wine glass, my hubs.  So, I just stopped.  But there's something about adding a splash of color to my lips that made me feel more beautiful and confident and so I missed wearing something.  I tried all sorts of other things---lip stains, lip glosses, lip polish---but none of them worked "just right".  I had dry lips, flaking color, sticky lips, or the color would sink into the cracks of my lips and look atrocious!  Then I found LipSense!  My whole world changed and now I can wear lip color that is good for my lips all day (up to 18 hours, some colors even longer!) and I don't have any of the issues I had before.  AND, it doesn't come off on my cup, wine, or husband!  #winning!

2.  Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer

I had heard of BB Creams and CC Creams and all that stuff before, but I had never given it a shot.  I didn't think that any of that stuff was really all that magnificent, I mean---I need a traditional moisturizer, SPF, and then foundation, right!?  WRONG!  I tried CCTM and was hooked.  I rarely ever wear foundation anymore, actually!'s my skincare routine: cleanser, CCTM, eye cream.  Done.  Seriously.  Because our CCTM has seaweed extract, which is a natural UV protectant, I don't even need a traditional chemical SPF (which is great, because my skin is too sensitive to wear that anyway!)  Holla!  I love it!  Plus, it really does have just the right amount of moisture for my skin; it's not too heavy and not too light, like a BB Cream or a CC Cream may be.  And, let's be honest, I actually save money having a something that corrects, conceals, and balances skin tone while replenishing my skin's moisture level all in one product.  How's that for multi-tasking!?

3. Nangai Oil

I have lovingly dubbed this stuff my "miracle oil" as has one of my customers who is literally my poster child for this product!  This oil is super rich in essential fatty acids and provides tons of anti-inflammatory and hydrating benefits.  It helps retain moisture as well as increases cellular renewal and I used it on a deep skin abrasion in July and have virtually no scarring because of this oil!  I also love that it isn't a traditional medicinal ointment, so it doesn't sting or burn or hurt when I applied it---so I use it on my kids when they have a scrape or cut now and we have no tears and increased healing time!  #momhack!  Who wouldn't want that for their littles?!

4.  LipSmooth Conditioning Polish

Do you like the smell of vanilla?  If so, you may very well want to almost eat the LipSmooth Conditioning Polish because that is what it smells like!  It has Bamboo and Ivory Seed Powder, which are gentle, non-abrasive exfoliators, but it still provides a bit of grittiness to get all that icky dry, dead skin off your lips!  You can use this a couple times a week, if you'd like, but I have seen incredible results just once a week.  And this little tube will last a while!!  Did I mention you'll probs want to eat it?  'Cause I know I do!

5.  UnderSense Lash Builder

I'm constantly nagging on my eyelashes and I always wish that they were naturally longer and more noticeable, but I have found the next best thing---UnderSense!  I use this to give length and a bit of volume to my lashes and even my hubby has commented that I have "lashes for days" when I use this!  If he notices, then you know it works!  UnderSense literally attaches itself, like a microscopic tube, to your lashes, providing both length and volume.  It's actually kind of fun seeing those "tubes" come off at the end of the day!  If you want longer lashes, this stuff really works!

6.  ShadowSense

This. Stuff. Is. Amazing.  ShadowSense is not just Eyeshadow!  It's seriously an all-in-one gadget in a tube!  I use it for concealer, primer, highlighter and eyeliner; just to name a few!  I mean, SeneGence does have EyeSense Eyeliner, but I'll be honest; I've not yet needed to use it.  ShadowSense does it for me!  SeneGence has brow color, I've not even thought about getting it.  ShadowSense does it for me!  I rarely leave the bathroom in the morning without at least using it in some capacity.  There's just so many uses!  What would you use it for?

7.  MakeSense Foundation

I don't typically wear foundation anymore (see Item #2!) but when I do, I love this MakeSense Foundation.  I have tried many many many different foundations before; premium priced foundations to moderate priced to even cheap drug store brands and none of them worked well for me.  I had one before that was my tried and true and I spent a pretty penny on it because it was the only foundation that worked for me.  Seriously.  So I had some major doubts that MakeSense would work for me.  (Even the previous Beauty Line I used to be a rep for I couldn't use their foundation!)  It's. Fab.  Trust me.  It has beautiful, even coverage and it doesn't get oily or "sweat" off.  Plus,  (and this is exciting), it has color adapting pigments so you can wear the same shade all. year. long.  Yep!  I get a couple shades darker in the summer and, naturally, lighter in the winter, and my foundation color hasn't changed.  It adapts to me.  #MoneySaver!  How many of you have to have a winter shade and a summer shade of foundation?  Probably not anymore!

8.  Pearlizer

Shimmer & Shine---it's like my Mac & Cheese or my PB & J.  Pearlizer does just this!  It provides a gorgeous, radiant glow and it's super easy to incorporate into your beauty routine.  Simply mix with your foundation (or---#BeautyHack---mix with your Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer!) and you're left with a beautiful, healthy, luminous finish.  Plus, it still has the SenePlex+ Complex, so you know you're fully protected!

9.  EyeLuminator

There's probably a common theme within my Top 10 List: multi-tasking.  And the EyeLuminator is a great product for that, too!  A rich, protective eye cream mixed with the Pearlizer and you have the EyeLuminator!  It brightens and highlights, while still being a staple product in your skin care regimen.  And you don't have to worry about rubbing your delicate eye skin while applying your Pearlizer on your face because---tada!  You've already used it!

10.  Brush Cleaner

Last, but certainly not least...the Brush Cleaner!  Do you use cosmetic brushes?  If you do, do you know the importance of cleaning those brushes on a regular basis?  I have used many different brush cleaners from cheap to expensive and by far, SeneGence's brush cleaner is the best I've ever seen!  No need to mix or dilute; just swirl in the cleaner and rinse with water.  It leaves all my brushes (from the very cheap to the much more expensive) super soft and like-new again!  I used to be super lazy about cleaning my brushes because some of the cleaners I had were too thick or I'd have to re-wash several times or there would be residue and I'd have to rinse multiple times.  I enjoy washing my brushes now!  And I love seeing all the gunk this stuff pulls out and how soft and clean they feel after they are dry!

So tell me, do you use any of these products on a regular basis?  Maybe different brands, but a similar type product?  What do you love about yours?  What would you wish it could do differently?  Maybe something on my Top 10 you want to try?  Leave a comment below or share on Facebook!


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