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Lent 2020: Days Four-Seven

Well, clearly I have been slacking.  Apparently I wasn't quite as committed to writing out my gratitudes as I thought I was.  Sorry.  I literally thought out my gratitudes, but failed to get them written down.  However, part of that was because we were gone, spending some much needed quality time as a family with friends who are like family over the weekend.  And I'm just now getting back into the swing of life again...

So, here is what I was thinking about over the past four days...

Day Four:

I am so grateful for laughter.  According to, "Laughter reduces pain, increases job performance, connects people emotionally, and improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain."  And let me tell you, Saturday night was definitely not lacking in the laughter department!  J and our friends played a game, very similar to Apples to Apples, and the laughter that ensued was unreal!  We're talking, sides aching, tears rolling, snorts, and, well, actually, maybe even a lack of oxygen to the brain because none of us could hardly breathe!  And it was glorious!  It really did connect us all emotionally and it certainly helped to improve our moods!  And pain---I wasn't feeling any that night!  So yes, I am grateful for laughter.

Day Five:

Sunshine.  I was in the beautiful state of Oklahoma.  You remember the song that Curly McLain sings in the opening scene of the musical, "Oklahoma!"?  Well, it was a beautiful morning and an even more beautiful day on Sunday in Oklahoma!  Nearly 80 degrees, the kids were able to be out all day long, playing with water balloons, sprinklers, sidewalk chalk---and never once did they say they were bored or ask for screen time.  The sunshine was salve on this girl's soul, which is saying something because I am not generally an "outdoor" girl.  But Sunday, well, I couldn't get enough of that sunshine.

Day Six:

Monday, I was just grateful for home.  There's really no place like it.  And while home is generally wherever my love is, there's also something for the four walls, roof, and floor that holds the comforts you've grown accustomed to.  There is where your scents lie, the familiarities, the memories.  And after a long day of traveling; being home was wonderful.  Falling into my sheets on my bed and laying my head on my pillow---I was so thankful for that.  But, let's be honest, I was also extremely grateful for the wonderfully good behavior of my children, my husband for driving us home safely, my cat giving me all the loves when I walked in the door, my Mama for taking great care of my house while we were away, and our friends in Oklahoma, who really have become family and gave us the greatest weekend imaginable.  Monday I was just grateful for everyone and everything.

Day Seven:

I'm grateful for peace.  After a long weekend full of activity, I was very happy to have a few moments of peace and quiet today.  I did have a lot of things that still had to be done and I had a friend who needed celebrating this evening, but, despite the crazy schedule, I still found some peace.  And I am so very glad to have basked in it.  Peace and quiet is what recharges my batteries.  It's what allows me to fill my cup so I can enter the world and continue fighting the good fight.  I crave peace.  I need it.  Sometimes I feel guilty to indulging in it when there are other things that need attention, but I have come to realize how much I need it to be a healthy me.  And I'm so glad and forever grateful for realizing that and partaking in my peace.

Now, I'm going to go enjoy some more peace and quiet while falling asleep in my home.  But possibly not before I share a few laughs with my husband and wake the blessed sunshine in the morning.


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